Experience, knowledge and availability to serve the Directorate of SMEs and family businesses.

Business Process Outsourcing: administrative processes and accounting

Financial management

Outsourcing financial function of the company (assumption of part-time Financial Management)

Interim Management of Financial Management (total assumption of Financial Management for a period of time)

Coordination / Management of the Department of Administration and Finance

Financial management in crisis or remodeling of the management team

Technical assistance for the development and monitoring of the enterprise budget

Administrative and accounting services

Keeping and accounting supervision

Financial reporting to decision

Budget monitoring

Preparation of annual accounts

Financial Advisory / Business Crisis / Restructuring

Preparation and review of business plans and feasibility

Preparation and review of financial models

Assistance in defining the financial strategy

Technical Assistance for Working Capital optimization and calculation of funding requirements

Technical assistance for the implementation of treasury management systems

Business Consulting Crisis situations

Management of public aid and guarantees

Review and rehabilitation business model

And External Independent Business Review (External Business Review)

Advice pre-bankruptcy processes: modeling, design validation and feasibility plans

Plan feasibility of pre-bankruptcy corporate restructuring

Technical assistance in situations of low profitability and / or low liquidity

Technical assistance for the preparation of bankruptcy restructurings

Advice, modeling and design of operational / business restructuring

Advice, modeling and design of financial restructuring (debt refinancing) divestments

Advice in negotiations with financial institutions, suppliers and creditors

Advice to the management of the Company

Staff of the Directorate General and Board of Directors

Independent Directors with responsibility for the finance function

Validation and monitoring of long-term strategic plans

Consulting projects growth through Build Up

Corporate Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

Valuation of companies and business groups

Business valuation and industries

Reports as independent experts

Valuation of intangible assets: trademarks, client portfolios, patents and licenses

Management and advisory mandates of buying and selling companies

Search for financing for acquisitions and investment projects

Search for industrial and financial partners

Consulting MBO, MBI and LBO

Economic and financial plan for the enhancement of business

Financial Due Diligence in acquisition transactions

Vendor Due Diligence

Notebook sale of the company or business units